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American Lava’s LavaMaxx crushed lava is a high-energy soil amendment that recharges soil to good health.  By increasing the water holding capacity and rising it’s paramagnetism, LavaMaxx is essential for improving soil.  It offers a physical improvement to the soil that moves unhealthy, unbalanced soil towards balance.  LavaMaxx makes the soil’s nutrients more readily available to plant roots and provides increased aeration and porosity to the soil.  The angular, porous pieces of crushed lava hold and exchange nutrients efficiently and attract and redistribute energy in the soil.  Use it in potting soil,  germination media, bed preparation, farms, ranches, gardens and landscapes.

Benefits of LavaMaxx

What are some of the benefits of American Lava’s LavaMaxx crushed lava?

  • Highest paramagnetic numbers available
  • Dramatically improves water retention
  • Releases essential minerals and trace elements in and to the soil
  • Non-toxic, environmentally friendly, 100% pure and natural
  • Safe for plants, children and pets when used as directed
  • Contributes to the increased growth and vitality of plants
  • Stimulates soil micro-organism activity
  • Buffers both high and low pH levels in soils
  • Increases soil aeration
  • Endorsed by the Dirt Doctor
  • TORC approved
  • Made with pride in the U.S.A.


American Lava has superior lava products that have moisture holding capacity, exchange capacity and much higher paramagnetism than any other product on the market. This important property has direct influence on mineral availability to plants resulting from increased biological activity – the most important part of soil improvement for successful landscaping, gardening, farming and ranching.”

~ Howard Garrett, The Dirt Doctor


The Texas Organic Research Center is an innovative organic educational non-profit.  American Lava’s LavaMaxx crushed lava proudly received the TORC seal of approval.